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We believe that too much time is wasted in business. But we also believe that can be changed!

To give you more time, we have started. That's why we invented SAFweb. An innovative information processing system and a bridge builder to old IT island solutions.

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Researching will be as easy as surfing the internet

mehr qualitaet


Your data and information will be of higher quality

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Save up to 60% of your time with SAFweb and its ecosystem

SAFweb is therefore more than just a piece of software. It is a concept. Optimized for you and save your staff valuable time.

The ecosystem around SAFweb consists essentially of three cornerstones.

IT Infrastructure

Controllable and flexible IT. For us, the two most important aspects, especially for companies with a thin staff or without their own IT department. SAFweb comes with its own infrastructure based on virtualization and container technology. If necessary, we will take care of all your IT. Our motto: get where possible and replace where necessary. We build bridges between old and new IT worlds. We can because we have been doing this for more than 20 years.

IT Infrastruktur


In typically medium-sized companies, valuable information is usually scattered all over the place. Often it is only up to a single specialist to provide them properly. Often associated with a lot of time for the preparation of the presentation. SAFweb tracks this information, consolidates it, prepares it and provides this knowledge centrally to all authorized persons. In our age, whoever has information at the right time, in the right quality and in the right place is on the winning side. Our customers belong to this circle!



Whether you manufacture tangible goods, services, physical or digital products. Today, more and more products require more and more information for the production. But not only the production requires information, also the production process itself generates which. They want to be processed. SAFweb optimally supports the flow of information in both directions.


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