An idea arises

In October 2015, the future founders of Safineia will sit together and work on a unique idea.

October, 2015

The founders have known each other for a very long time and work together for as long as possible. All specialists for ERP application in medium-sized production companies. It has been shown that the problems of our customers have a certain similarity.

All customers have been using the ERP for a very long time (sometimes over decades). Everyone has the feeling that it's time for a change of system. But everyone worries that this change will overwhelm them. But it is clear that the ERP lacks flexibility, the time required to find relevant information is too high, the system is very difficult to adapt to current requirements. There are also many special island solutions that are not or insufficiently integrated.

Now comes a software that already exists, but was designed for a special ERP. One of the founders has helped develop large parts of this software. This software connects to the ERP and provides a modern user interface. It is web-based (that is, it is served with an internet browser) and thus very resource-efficient.

What if this technology is extended so that it is possible to connect to any ERP or other systems such as inventory management, logistics etc? Then existing (older) systems can easily be extended. They have a modern user interface and can be enriched with additional functions. A system change would have been unnecessary.

The idea was born.

But software alone is not the answer yet.

We know our customers very well. And to meet their challenges, it needs reinforcement. In order for our customers to take a real step forward, we place our concept on three pillars.

    Improve information flow throughout the enterprise
    Build a manageable IT infrastructure that enables the flow of information
    coordinate dynamic processes in production, which are possible due to 1st and 2nd

This gives us a strategy to make our customers fit for the future. The result is the concept the "magic triangle".


The "magic" of this concept is: it brings a new clarity to the company, it makes the invisible visible, it delivers a new quality of information.

Incidentally, our logo was created as well. The virtual triangle inside the triangular-shaped dots symbolizes the visible of hidden.

We also thought about the color scheme.
"Yellow" stands for clarity, protection, enhanced awareness and communication: assigned to us IT infrastructure. "Violet" stands for open space, imagination, inspiration and expansion: in our production. "Orange" stands for harmony, comfort, endeavor, decision-making: here information logistics.


A few words for naming

It is teeming with fancy names, acronyms and word creations. A difficult environment to find a name that is exceptional enough to attract attention but also relevant in search engines.

We create clarity. The English "clarity" is already strongly occupied. However, the ancient Greek Safineia is rarely used. So we stay in the Greek-speaking world. Sound-filled words with a lot of meaning, from this linguistic area we let ourselves be inspired more often ...

Wir sind Safineia®.
Wir sind die mit dem magischen Dreieck.
Wir bringen Klarheit in Ihr Unternehmen!
Klarheit führt zu Zeitersparnis und das zu mehr Effizienz.

Thomas Horst, CEO

Thomas Horst

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